Sunday, 23 April 2017

French Vogue May 2017

A quick post to say hello and share a most beautiful editorial in the French May issue of Vogue.

This month's issue had an emphasis on weddings which is very unFrench to talk about - it is rather an Anglo obsession that has filtered through.

Vogue may know fashion but I say leave the wedding stuff to Martha and that ilk.

Did red riding hood bleach her clothes?

This girl looks like the drunken friend who turned up very Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral and pinched the veil off the bride.

This is the Mad Hatter bride.
Wonder what the groom would wear to match?

Looks like Miss Favisham when she first got jilted.

The third marriage bride who just wants to dance on the day because she has done all the staged pictures last week.

Now this is the editorial that is stunning in every way.
Rumour has it that Mme Alt ( editor at large ) and Anastasia Barbieri are not best chums so she is a "contributing editor". But this fashion spread shows that Mme Barbieri is a superb talent.
It is a homage to the former Jaipur princess, Gayatri Devi, renown for her beauty.
The model looks very similar to the princess herself.


This just makes me finally want to go to India.

The polo player is the grandson of the princess, the present Maharaja of Jaipur.

I don't have a snarky thing to say.

I will even forgive this amateur Instagram filter business on the pic below.

My least favourite picture of the spread but it actually made me rest between flipping pages.

This picture is a bit Cartier summer polo match you see in magazines so was a little disappointed at the fashion director.

This lady can pull off a turban.
As you know, I have my own thoughts on turbans as fashion items.


This fashion image must be doing wonders for the Indian tourism board.

The young maharajah is handsome and am sure the Middletons of Bombay are engineering every accidental introduction.

If you see me walking around with a sheer scarf over my head, please do indulge me.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

April 2017 Miscellaneous

It is officially Spring in London and even Millie was admiring the cherry trees in the park.

It is amazing what you can plant without a terra firma garden.
Look at the cherry tree my friend planted on her balcony in a pot.

Although I wouldn't even know how to handle a real garden.

But that doesn't stop me to order some more roses.

They are local plants so roses are so easy to maintain here.
I got the Desdemona which I smelled a few years ago at a Chelsea flower show and 

Not really looking forward to Wills and Kate moving to London after summer due to their eldest son going to school. It is sweet and all but that helicopter that Wills uses more than I use the tube is always flying over the park.
I now have an idea what it would have been like to live in London during the blitz.

This is now a frequent sight.
Police going ahead of the car to stop traffic so the blacked out car can go seamlessly through London traffic.

Rolls Royce has designed a new ice cream car in the park.
Very cute.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Duchesses of Seville - Duchess of Alba and Duchess of Medinaceli

When one thinks of Seville, one thinks marmalade, tapas, and flamenco.

But one must note that this is also the capital of former formidable Spanish duchesses.
The Late Duchess of Alba and the 18th woman who held the title

The late Duchess of Alba, 
hereby referred to as Cayetana and 
the late Duchess of Medinaceli or Alcala
( there were many to choose from), 
hereby referred to as Mimi.
Duchess of Medinaceli when she was younger as she stayed away from the limelight in her later years

The two were the most titled aristocrats in the world and in that aristo-world outranked the Queen of England who was the Duchess of Alba's playmate as a child. Mimi actually held the title but when she found out she was going to be listed in the Guinness book of world records, she was horrified at the prospect and petitioned the King of Spain and gave away a few of her titles to her son and added that her cousin, Cayetana, would enjoy the limelight.

Spanish duchesses rarely get spoken about at length 
in our Anglo culture and 
gets outshined by the likes of the Mitford sisters 
( which did include an eventual Duchess ) and the Bouvier sisters.
Oddly, real life duchesses especially in the UK rarely get a look in.  
Of course, there was Princess Di whose nickname was "Duch".

Monday, 13 March 2017

Spring Mood 2017

While this may not be the height of garden design - 
in a public space, 
these things make all the difference to children and immediate tactile civic joy.

Pastel houses offset with cherry tree blooms are a joy to walk by.

But I also enjoy walking by utilitarian high street buildings in the east end of London with a pithy political statement.

'If we all spit together we can drown the bastards' by the late union boss Bob Crow

One thing that annoys me about London restaurants is they have an automatic service charge without the American 
- y'all have a nice day/want fries with that? service.  
They now include a cover charge when there isn't any olives or bread on the side. 
London is become a living edifice of a toll booth.

Maybe the cover charge was for the chinoiserie fabric covered loo doors?

The lit hotel in Park Lane looked very Miami.

I had a spa morning.

I took a picture under the real pearl chandelier/light fitting once but I wasn't in my bathrobe and it was on my wedding day.

The lighting is soothing and wish I could recreate it in my home but I am sure that it will need the lighting knowledge of a Broadway musical set designer or something.

While very nice and I would love it in my own home, 
this Ralph Lauren / orchidy / overly sleek look is decor saturation. 
My friend says she thinks it looks like the lobby of a high end bank.

I did like the literal version of rose water but then worried instantly after if there were pesticides on the petals.
Is it hard to source organic roses I wonder?
But a momentary question that I will never follow up on.

I do feel lucky to live near the park.
It is such a refuge.
There is always a beautiful and calming sight to distract oneself from being in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world.
This horse was doing some training.

My own plants are doing well.
The lemons which have been hanging on the tree have ripened and I might save it for a gin and tonic in warmer weather.

The nectarine blooms are divine.

Warms the heart because there is an isolation to winter.
There is a moment where I think - will it ever be spring again or is this going to be the second ice age that Europe went through in the Middle ages when it was cold for a few hundred years?

Bees must have been starving and of course I try and get plants in the limited space I have aimed for butterflies and bees.

So it really feels great to see them feasting on the flowers.
My brother tells me I am getting old when I start talking about my window boxes!

Have a good week x

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Overused Words of Late

I am fascinated by words and language.

I wrote in this post about some of my favorite words that aren't in English.

I love different accents when spoken in English and sayings from collection nations.

But there are a few words that have been grating like nails on chalkboard.


Paradigm shift



That's a lot of 'P' words!

Fake news - that is two but one rarely hears one without the other these days





despite Brexit

fashion trend



Millenial Instagrammer


live press conference



'So' - when starting a new train of thought or in the beginning of a sentence.  This is like starting a new conversation with - therefore.

I know it is an accepted form of vernacular presently but it still sounds like the beginning of a story that university girls will start with when they recount how they think their professor is hitting on them. Please don't use in professional setting.

Please feel free to vent!